Want help getting started?

Perfect! We are ready to help you figure out a plan. Our gentle101 sessions allow you to ask questions, get information, and meet our staff in order to make the best decision for you. We encourage you to attend a gentle101 session to see the space we've created and learn more about the programs we offer. To learn more about the gG process, click below. 

Aquatic Therapy




One of the most beneficial and unique amenities offered by Agape and gentleGYM is the therapy pool! This is a great opportunity for you to move more comfortably. The warm water pool houses an underwater treadmill, along with a current to run or swim against. Private showers are close by and the quiet atmosphere is welcoming. 

What is the                       ?

gG is not a traditional gym.  It was born from Agape wanting to provide a facility for individuals who manage chronic pain, co-morbidities (multiple health issues), pre/post-surgery times, bariatric issues, and fear.  We created a safe place designed for those managing these issues to feel better.  The gentleGYM houses a comfortable atmosphere, personalized programs, staff supervision, self care area, social support, activity monitoring, progress reporting, and more... gG is made for you.