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gentleRESET is our cultural practice at gG.  

It assists our daily process and facilitates our forward progress.

R = REST: relax, pause, sleep

E = ENGAGE: with yourself, others and environment

S = SUPPORT: how you support your system with nutrients and water

E = EXERCISE: how you move

T = THINK: how your thoughts affect your stress, pain, joy, etc.

Our goal is to have weekly "RESETS" that are times to gather and work on our main pillars as a small, supportive group. This is included in your membership.  It's easy to understand we need to move more, but so many times we are unsure how to address the other aspects in manageable ways.

Below are the gentlePROGRAMS that we have created to tailor to your needs.

An appropriate program will be chosen and customized for you at your initial assessment by a qualified member of the gG staff. 


This program is for individuals with pulmonary or cardiac disorders to increase aerobic capacity, and improve physical reactions during exercise with the goal of tolerating activities of daily living with ease.  

  • WHO: Those with pulmonary or cardiac disorders or at high risk for developing such conditions (examples: heart disease, those who have completed outpatient cardiac rehab, high blood pressure or cholesterol) 

  • GOAL: Improve tolerance to exercise and activities of daily living while decreasing risk of cardiac event.  

  • HOW: Closely monitor heart rate, oxygen and blood pressure as cardiorespiratory exercise intensity is gradually increased and overall strength is built.   


Is for those who are or have battled cancer an may be experiencing increased fatigue, neuropathy, comorbidities, and affected nutritional habits/needs. The main goal is to maintain, while also slowly increasing, physical activity levels and nutritional habits to help combat the side-effects of the disease and treatment. gentleFIGHTERS will pay attention to how they are feeling, while also tracking their heart rate, breathing, and exertion levels during exercise. 

  • WHO: those currently under treatment for cancer and those who have faced said treatments in the past.  

  • GOAL: Maintain or begin a physical activity program to improve quality of life while taking into the considerations the current and lasting side effects cancer treatments have.  

  • HOW: build strength and endurance with close attention given to energy levels and exertion levels during exercise 


This program is designed prepare the body for the upcoming demands of surgery, thus improving the likelihood for fewer complications and shorter recovery times. This program will focus on improving cardiorespiratory fitness, range of motion in joints and strength in muscles. Each program will be specific to the type of surgery they are preparing for (knee, hip, shoulder, back) and exercises chosen will be appropriate, safe and beneficial. 

  • WHO: Those preparing for an upcoming elective surgery or procedure. (joint replacement, orthopedic surgery) 

  • GOAL: Prepare the body for the upcoming demands of surgery thus improving the likelihood of fewer complications and shorter recovery time. Improve surgery outcomes and set client up for postoperative success.  

  • HOW: Programs will include exercises that are appropriate, safe and beneficial to each unique case.  


To put it broadly, this program is for any woman who feels her life is negatively impacted by the unique issues women face with their health. This includes pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.  

  • WHO:  Women of any age who are challenged with issues unique to women. From prenatal to post menopause. Incontinence to increased sympathetics (fight or flight). 

  • GOAL: Depending on the need, but focus is to improve efficiency of the female body, pelvic floor, and stress management.

  • HOW: Part of this is exercises targeting proper pelvic floor initiation which takes some assistance at first, and integrating pelvic floor into every day movement and posture.  To reduce stress a variety of techniques can be used but mindfulness, quieting table, massage chair, exercise, social support, journaling and other ideas are available for de-stressing.


Geared towards those seeking more confidence to avoid falling during exercise or activities of daily living, this program will work to improve all aspects of fitness with an emphasis on incorporating cognitive and motor skills into movement to improve balance. All gentleGYM programs have a cognitive component, but gentleBALANCE works specifically to enhance the mind-body connection to reduce the likelihood of falls. Often times we will integrate games or challenges to make this more fun.  

  • WHO: Those seeking more confidence to avoid falling during exercise or activities of daily living (Parkinson's, MS)

  • GOAL: Build strength, improve coordination and enhance the mind-body connection to improve confidence in movement

  • HOW: A comprehensive exercise program to improve all aspects of fitness with an emphasis on incorporating cognitive challenges and motor skills into movement.  gG likes to use different tools, mental challenge, visual challenge, and distraction to enhance focus.


This is our general program for those who are just transitioning into an exercise program and want to do so safely and gradually. This includes those who have been unsuccessful with exercise in the past, are completing physical therapy or don't fall into another gG program. gentleMOVEMENT will focus on finding exercise that is effective and enjoyable and gradually increasing intensity to improve the likelihood of adherence. 

  • WHO: Those who don’t fit in another program but want to begin an exercise program in a safe and gradual manner     (transitioning out of physical therapy, unsuccessful programs in the past or have no experience with exercise).

  • GOAL: Find an individualized exercise program that is effective and enjoyable to increase likelihood of adherence. 

  • HOW: A general exercise program for overall health benefits taking into consideration individual limitations.


The goal of the program is to help prevent diabetes onset or manage diagnosed diabetes by reducing weight, increasing insulin sensitivity and improving overall health. The gentleDIABETIC plan will include slowly incorporating exercise, while learning how to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. The key to see benefits of exercise is consistency, since physical activity has a short-term effect on glucose transport.  

  • WHO: Those currently managing Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes or utilizing lifestyle change to prevent Type 2 Diabetes.  

  • GOAL: Prevent or mange diabetes by reducing weight, increasing insulin sensitivity and improving overall health.  

  • HOW: Learning to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels while implementing a consistent exercise plan to see benefits.  

gentlePAIN LESS.png

Is for those facing chronic pain of any kind. The goal of the program is to help clients understand their pain and discover how incorporating the right amount and type of activity has the potential to help manage pain.  Chronic pain is a much different animal than acute pain.  Brains have an innate desire to keep us alive and it will do amazing things to protect us.  Pain is a robust group of stimulus, memory and emotion. To address chronic pain it is essential to include a dynamic approach that is more than just movement.   Be open to potentially new ways to address your pain, because pain is as unique as the individual.

  • WHO: Those managing chronic pain who would like to begin an exercise program but fear a flare up. (Fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.) 

  • GOAL: Understand pain more thoroughly and learn how physical activity can benefit pain management and overall health.  

  • HOW: A comprehensive program that includes a gradual progression of activity, finding the right type and intensity of exercise, social support and education.  


Is for those who would see health benefits from losing weight but are not under care for bariatric treatment. A comprehensive exercise program will be designed taking into consideration individual goals and limitations, along with education and support for lifestyle changes that can take place outside of the gentleGYM that are crucial to successful weight loss. This includes nutrition education on caloric expenditure vs. caloric intake, building activity into daily life and learning what triggers unhealthy habits through journaling.  

  • WHO: Those would see health benefits from weight loss but are not under treatment for bariatric care.  

  • GOAL: Utilize lifestyle changes including increased exercise, improved nutrition habits and stress management to reach weight loss goals 

  • HOW: Find an effective exercise program that promotes energy expenditure, education on balanced nutritional habits and journaling to learn personal triggers of unhealthy habits.  


This program is designed specifically for pre/post bariatric surgery patients to provide the tools to adopt a physically active lifestyle, along with other healthy habits that are critical for long term weight loss success.  Participants will learn how to exercise in order to compliment weight loss efforts while keeping activity injury free. 

  • WHO: Those preparing for bariatric surgery or facing a new normal after completing bariatric surgery.  

  • GOAL: Develop tools to adopt physically active lifestyle with health habits that are critical to long term weight loss success.  

  • HOW: Learn how to exercise in order to compliment weight loss efforts while keeping activity injury free.  

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