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We have kept this simple and an exceptional value. 
Initiation Fee (first time only): $90**

Monthly Membership: $60/month

Den Members: add $30/person

Reassessments always available: $45

This huge value includes:
Initial one hour assessment***
30 minute program orientation
60 day reassessment 
Your welcome folder full of information
gG fob
gG journal
gG pen
Heart rate strap check out available
Individualized program set up
Orientation to space and equipment
Assistance setting up sign ins & apps
Goal setting
One on one Q & A time
  • FIT3D scan: (weight, posture, balance, body measurements, lean vs fat mass, basal metabolic rate, a 3D rendering of your circumferences called an avatar)
  • Blood pressure, resting heart rate and oxygen reading
  • Movement screen
  • Gait assessment
  • Strength and flexibility assessment
  • Review of health and lifestyle history
  • Review of how you work with our 4 pillars of health:
Fuel | Move | Rest | Think
  • Overview of equipment in the gym and healing suite
  • Explanation of prescribed exercise program and orientation to exercises and equipment utilized
  • Second FIT3D scan for comparison and to show progress 
  • Complete test from initial assessment again to track progress
  • Discussion on how to progress program 

You are welcome to one on one care with one of gentleGYM's Personal Trainers to supplement your individual exercise plan. One of the many benefits of one on one care is the guidance to integrate other dimensions of wellness into a healthy lifestyle in a successful way that works for you. Or maybe you just want some dedicated attention to get you going! That's just fine!


60 minute session 

$40 single session

$210 for 6 sessions
$384 for 12 sessions


30 Minute Session

$22 per session

pool day pass

$12 for 30 minute session

$100 for 10 pass punch card

Pool time must be scheduled for 30 minute appointments. Call 319-260-2240 for more information and to schedule. 


$20 per scan 

health coaching
Health coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach where the coach supports and empowers the client to utilize their knowledge and abilities to create a path to success. The coach works with clients to determine the client’s values and vision for their future. Through breaking down barriers and discovering clients' motivations, priorities, and personal reasons for change, the coach works with the client to develop actionable steps and goals for their lifestyle change. Lifestyle changes can be related to stress management, nutrition, weight and physical activity.

60 minute session 

$40 single session

$210 for 6 sessions
$384 for 12 sessions


Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for memberships, massage, personal training, pool sessions and group classes. Stop in to any Agape location to purchase one today! 

Not sure what you need? Schedule a free wellness consult to discuss with one of our Wellness Specialist. 
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