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who is gg for?

The gentleGYM is designed for those managing chronic health conditions, recovering from a major medical event or preparing for an upcoming surgery. Listed below are some examples of qualifications for the gG, however this is not an exhaustive list. These qualifications are not for exclusivity sake, but to ensure a comfortable environment for members managing these issues. If you're wondering if the gG is right for you, join us for a gentle101 session to discuss - we want to help you if we can! 


  • Fibromyalgia or chronic pain 

  • Obesity

  • Stroke or heart attack survivor

  • Diabetes 

  • Joint replacement surgery 

  • Parkinson's and chronic disease management

  • Cancer

  • Anxiety and/or depression

  • Pulmonary condition

  • High blood pressure and cholesterol

  • MORE - if you're not sure, visit us to find out!

how do i join gg?

There are two ways to become a member at the gentleGYM. The process after enrollment is the same for both, so whichever avenue you come through will be met with the same exceptional care. 

  • Doctor Referred: We strive to build relationships with local doctors and healthcare providers, so if your doctor feels you can benefit from the gG, a referral may be sent directly to us. Once a referral has been received, we will set up an assessment to begin your program.

  • Self Referred: If you believe you qualify for the gentleGYM but don't have a doctor to refer you - no problem! Doctor participation is not required and in no way prevents enrollment. Join us for a gentle101 session to determine if the gentleGYM is right for you 

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