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If you have a patient you would like to refer to the gentleGYM, our referral form can be submitted electronically, downloaded and faxed to us at 319-260-2242, or emailed to

*gentleGYM is a cash pay service and cannot be billed through insurance* 

Patient inquires at gentleGYM or is referred by health care practitioner.  The patient must have a co-morbidity, chronic pain, bariatric issues or pre/post surgical interventions needed. 


Medical clearance is obtained and a fitness assessment is completed including a FIT3D body scan.


An individualized exercise plan is written for the patient based on history and current condition.


Patient is taken through an orientation to the facility and exercises prescribed. 


Exercise program is carried out individually by patient with support of gG staff. 


Initial and 60 day assessments are conducted and results can be sent to provider. 


Patient and provider have data showing effectiveness of exercise plan. 


Exercise and reporting can continue at gG or patient may graduate to more advanced fitness program.


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