Class Descriptions


The warm water pool is one of the most exciting aspects of the gentleGYM, and we want to make sure you are comfortable using this great feature. gentleAQUATICS 101 will provide an opportunity to learn a variety of exercises and movements that can be done in the pool. This free class will consist of a gentleGYM staff member demonstrating exercises using various pieces of equipment. Come prepared to get in the water and try the exercises. There are endless ways to use the pool, make sure you don't miss this class to learn the basics! 


Life is all about balance right? In gentleBALANCE 101, the gentleGYM staff will teach you how to improve your balance in a variety of fun and effective ways that challenge the body and mind! This a free educational class that will be part demonstration by a staff member and part practice by you. 

gentleCARDIO101 .png

Cardio exercise is a component of each gentleGYM program, and we want you to feel comfortable with all the tools to do so available in our facility. This free class will show you how to use each piece of cardio equipment along with alternative ways to get your heart pumping using other areas of the gym. If you've ever felt intimidated by the ellipticals, bikes, or rower, please join us to learn how to use them confidently! 

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A gentleGYM floor attendant will set up a circuit of various exercises and lead the class through the workouts. Each exercise station will be timed and the attendant will demonstrate exercises and assist with set up and execution. This is hands-on fitness class a great opportunity to learn new movements, try the equipment, and socialize with fellow gG members. Free for members. 


Our bodies are designed to move, and gentleMOVABILITY is designed to show you ways to feel better while doing so! During this free educational class, various tools and techniques will be demonstrated to aide in improving posture, increasing mobility of the joints, and releasing tightness in the body. 

gentleRESET logo.png

An ongoing, 60 minutes-ish, free-will gathering of gG members who are looking to be more socially engaged and develop a variety of self skills, coping strategies, and stress management. Each week will have different topic to discuss and explore. 

gentleSTRENGTH101 .png

You were given a handful of movements to focus on during your initial assessment and believe it or not those may get easy! Now that you are in a routine, this class will demonstrate and explain ways to progress those movements and continue to build strength and endurance in the muscles. This free class consists of demonstrating these progressions and explaining how to incorporate different equipment to increase difficulty. 

Wake Up Wednesdays

Start your day with coffee and friends! Come enjoy coffee that the gG will provide and socialize with fellow gG members. We may even throw some cards out to get some games going!