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heart rate monitoring

Heart rate response to exercise indicates the intensity of the exercise to ensure effective work is being done. It also is an indicator of overall fitness. Heart rate straps are worn during workouts to track heart rate data and show improvements.

Exercise Tracking

A specific and unique exercise prescription will be given to each individual based on health needs. A journal will be provided to track your exercise sessions if desired. 


Biometrics including body weight, heart rate, blood pressure, circumferences and any other applicable measurements will be recorded and tracked on a regular basis to show improvements made.

Fit3D Scanner is a cutting edge technology used.

The big picture
-working with providers-

The unique activity monitoring techniques of the gentleGYM will provide quantifiable reports that can be sent or taken to providers. These reports show that an 'exercise prescription' has been carried out and improvements in health are being obtained. We strive to communicate and build relationships with providers to create continuity along the spectrum of your health. 

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