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"Progress is impossible without change,

and those who can not change their mind can not change anything."

                                                                                -George Bernard Shaw

gentleGYM has a process in place to streamline your progression through the gG program. You may come in on your own, as a recommendation from your physical therapist or a referral from your doctor.  Whichever way you come in the doors, you will have a full assessment to help build your individualized program.  You will also learn how we monitor your activity such as heart rate, calories, and energy expenditure.  This is an important part of the program.  It allows communication with your doctor based on objective data.  Plus it lets both you and us know if you are on the right track.
We would love for you to come for a Wellness Consult to learn about how gG works. This is a great time to explore the space we've created, meet the staff, and dive deeper into what the gentlegym offers. If you are certain the gG is for you, you can move on to the enrollment process. Click here to sign up for a Wellness Consult to learn more abou the gG and if it is right for you

The enrollment step must be done at the gentlegym and consists of completing welcome paperwork, having a FIT3D body scan, and scheduling your initial assessment. Welcome paperwork can be obtained and completed at the time of enrollment, or printed here from the website and brought in. The FIT3D body scanner provides a non-invasive way to obtain all of your body measurements and biometric readings. The scan is very simple and can be completed in minutes. Learn more about what the scan entails here. Finally, you will schedule and pay for your initial assessment with one of our qualified wellness staff at this time. Doing these steps in advance allows us time to look over your health history and current state of health to better serve you during the assessment. 

If deemed necessary based on your health history form, we will send a medical clearance form to your listed doctor between the enrollment and assessment steps. At this time we will ask your doctor to clear you for exercise and provide any restrictions or considerations if applicable.

Next up is your assessment with one of the qualified members of our wellness staff. This is pertinent to how your individualized program gets developed. Assessments will be 60 minutes long and consist of discussion, a few baseline fitness test (nothing scary - we promise!), postural assessment, and time dedicated to setting up activity monitoring and learning your program. 

WEARABLES & SOFTWARE (part of the initial assessment)
We will be using technology to track your progress at the gentlegym, so this is where that will be covered. We will make sure you can access your FIT3D scan, are familiar with our heart rate monitor check out system, and be sure you know how to stay connected at the gG. Visit the gG Portal to learn more about web platforms utilized. 

PROGRAM  ORIENTATION (part of the initial assessment)
Once the testing and set-up portion of the assessment is complete, it is time to receive your individualized program. This happens a different day but right after your assessment.  We do this because assessment day has a lot of information and we want you to feel comfortable with equipment and your program.  Don't forget there is always someone on the fitness floor to ask questions about equipment or exercises! 

It's time that you start your program. A staff member will always be available to answer your questions.  Part of the initial 60 days is to be involved in the education nights and the social support groups.  Please take advantage of this opportunity.  It's meant for you and was designed for you.  Education and social support are important pieces of success but are often the hardest piece of making change.  This is gentleRESET's goal. A weekly RESET to help you move along in the process. 

The goal at 60 days is to measure the progress you have made, answer any questions you may have, and modify or progress your program if needed.  This 30-minute assessment is included in your initial enrollment fee and will include another FTI3D scan along with a repeat of your initial fitness testing. If you feel it's time for you to take another step in your activity or health habits, we will be happy to show you area resources and help guide you to those next steps. We are always ready to help you progress at the gG and would love to see you stay, but you may be ready for the next challenge. Wonderful! Never forget, we want what is best for you!
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