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A More Personal Approach To Your Health

It is our belief that Physical Therapy can be a point of care that can really change the trajectory of a person's health.  Besides trying to manage pain and pre/rehabbing injuries, a Physical Therapist is a movement specialist.  Movement is so much the key to impacting multiple systems positively for health.  The PT team has worked very hard to help create a clinical approach that will help foster change through a three phase care model.  Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, as well as our Occupational Therapist, are part of our Medical AdvisoryTeam.  Our focus is and will continue to be one of cooperative approaches to the patient and gentleGYM member's health team.  


Orthopedic and neurologic care

Aquatic Therapy

Advanced manual techniques

Exercise prescription

Therapeutic Neuroscience Education

Pre/rehab of injury

Pre/post surgical interventions

Women's Health

Chronic Pain Management

Sports Performance

Athlete Development

Injury Consultations

Dry Needling

Visceral Mobilization


Pelvic Floor 

Coccyx and sphenoid

Cranial Sacral

and more!

We see all kinds of diagnoses and ages!!

If you have a pain, we have a plan!

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