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Group Options

gG is designed to give you an integrated opportunity to your individual health journey.  One of the aspects to help keep you growing, connecting, and safe is a variety of group options.  Please check out the different options below.  We continue to innovate the best ways to provide group offerings.



Learn how to use the different equipment. Options to educate you on different exercises or ways to continue to grow on your health journey. These also allow you to ask questions related to your needs.  Plus, connect with others heading on similar journeys, who are managing pain and health issues as well.


Circuit is a group class offered as part of your membership.  This is a station class.  The group will rotate with a person at a station at a time.  The class is typically 30 minutes. 

RP Personal training social media.jpg

This is simply an opportunity to sit with gym friends, and discuss whatever the hot topic of the moment is.  Just support each other, an opportunity to be there for each other.  Coffee/tea is provided. 

Tai Chi

tai Chi

Our Tai Chi is an introduction class to help you teach you the flow.  The power of fluid and rythmic movement can help you break compensation patterns that cause pain.  Plus it can help relax your system!

Coffee With Carrie

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