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Low-impact and  accessible with a  recumbent seat, exercisers of all sizes can move the arms and legs with no impact to joints.

Recumbent Bike.png
recumbent bike

Get the biking motion in the knees and hips while in a reclined position that takes pressure off the lower back

Upright Bike.png
hybrid bike

The perfect mix of the support of the recumbent bike with the longer cycle motion of the upright bike is found in this hybrid cycle. 

Upright Bike.png
upright bike

The upright bike allows the full cycling motion while engaging the muscles of the core 

elipt 2.png

Work the upper and lower body with less impact than a treadmill. Our ellipticals are easy to get in and out of

Matrix Tread.png

Walking or jogging works the entire body and improves bone density with the higher impact exercise. 


If stairs are a challenge for you, this machine will help you work the muscle needed to use the stairs in a safe environment.

water rower

Mimicking the motion of rowing a boat, this machine will build strength in the upper body while providing a cardio workout as well.

Sci Fit 3.png
Upper cycle

Improve range of motion and strength in the upper body in a seated or standing position. 


Multi Unit.jpg
multi unit

This machine can work the entire body. Includes a leg press, chest press, lat pull-down, shoulder press, leg extension/curl and cables.

reformer 2.png

Use the pulley system to work the upper body and rebounding trampoline for a low impact lower body workout. 

Ab Ad.png
hip machine

Strengthen hip and glute muscles in a safe and comfortable manner with this machine. 

Pec Delt.png
chest and back

A dual machine that will challenge the stability and strength of the entire upper body. 

free weights

Use dumbbells, kettlebells and weighted bars to strengthen the body in a functional way while improving balance and coordination.


Bands, balls and variety of other resistance equipment will be incorporated into workouts with staff instruction and oversight. 



This unit allows for a variety of strength and stability activities to happen with bars and loops at different heights.

Mat Table.png
mat table

Get the benefits of exercises and stretches traditionally done on the floor without having to actually get down.


Improve circulation and lymphatic function while challenging the cardiovascular system by rebounding on the trampoline. 

ballet barre.png
balance bar

Complete balance and strength exercises freely while having the security of a bar to use for stabilization as needed.

Speed Bag.jpg
punching bag

Improve coordination, increase upper body strength and let go of the stressors of the day with the Quiet Punch boxing bag. 


Agility drills aren't just for athletes! Use our agility section to prepare yourself for everyday tasks like stepping onto the curb or into the bathtub.

virtual reality

Have fun and improve your mind-body connection while you're at it! Games on the goggles make you think as you move.

power plate_edited.png
vibration plate

This machine creates a base that vibrates to challenge balance and strength while improving blood flow to the body. 

core stability

A strong core is a great base to decrease pain with movement. We offer a variety of equipment to improve core strength and the guidance to do so. 

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